Here Are The Flash and Arrow 2015 Promos


A sickly-sweet dose of methadone to tide you over until their return.

It’s hopefully not a secret at this point how much I love CW’s The Flash. I love it so much I want to marry it I gave Arrow another chance and started loving it too. Like I said in my half of our review of the two shows’ crossover, Arrow and The Flash get the Batman/Superman dynamic perfectly, on a fundamental level, in a way the movies never have. If you haven’t yet started watching them, begin now, immediately. In fact, stop reading this and hop to it, if only because these videos start with the assumption you’re caught up.

For the rest of you, both shows have been on winter hiatus since the beginning of December, and they don’t return until January 20 (The Flash) and January 21 (Arrow). Until then, we have nothing but video on demand to hold us over. Except for these two teasers of course. They’re paltry, but they’re almost enough. As expected, when The Flash resumes, Barry will be obsessed with SPOILER REDACTED. Meanwhile, when Arrow returns, we’ll finally see if, in fact, SPOILER REDACTED.

Ok, now for the spoilers:

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