Here’s How to Get the “Dominion” Alternate Ending in Salt and Sanctuary

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Salt and Sanctuary is a hardcore action-RPG with too many secrets to list. One of those mysteries is the alternate ending that requires a very special creed to unlock. Uncover one more hidden layer of Salt and Sanctuary and earn the “Dominion” ending with these tips.

Needless to say, there are going to be spoilers ahead. This ending requires completing tasks at various points in the game, so expect to see locations names and other Salt and Sanctuary details. Despite that, we’ll try to leave the details vague so you can discover this cool story path for yourself.

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Alternate Ending “Dominion” Guide

There are two endings in Salt and Sanctuary, the standard “Salvation” ending, and the darker “Dominion” ending.

If you complete the game without talking to all four Scarecrows, you’ll automatically enter the “Salvation” ending. But, if you’ve found and talked to the four Scarecrows, you’ll have the option to take the final boss’ helmet.

To get “Dominion” agree to “Take Helm.” Select “Do Nothing” for the “Salvation” ending instead.

There are five Scarecrows with dialogue, and four you’ll need to speak to before confronting the final boss. If you’ve heard the dialogue from all four, the fifth Scarecrow will give you the option to pick your ending. How you answer the fifth Scarecrow, detailed above, changes which ending you receive.

Depending on your chosen Creed, both endings feature one unique poem based on your Creed.

The first Scarecrow will most likely be encountered in The Village of Smiles. Look for similar creatures later on to unlock this ending, and the corresponding trophy.

Scarecrows Locations

Don’t miss the dialogue from these four Scarecrows or the “Dominion” ending will be locked out.

  • Scarecrow #1: Can’t be missed. This Scarecrow is near the entrance to the Village of Smiles. Encounter it as you move left toward the ledges.
  • Scarecrow #2: In the Castle of Storms, defeat the Kraekan Wyrm boss and travel to the east side of the area. Found near the shortcut lever beyond the platforming challenges that require the Vertigo and Shadowflip brands.
  • Scarecrow #3: Beyond the Bloodless Prince in the Ziggurate of Dust, move left to encounter this scarecrow. It is located down the narrow hall with a pile of corpses in the background.
  • Scarecrow #4: Reach the end of the Salt Alkymancy and defeat the boss. That leads straight into the Crypt of the Dead Gods area. The scarecrow is in the entrance, and how you answer does not matter.

The fifth scarecrow is located beyond the final boss in The Still Palace. Talk to this scarecrow in the strange area down the steps with candles floating in the blackness.

If you pick “Take Helm” you’ll be treated to the evil ending cutscene and unlock one of two hidden trophies.

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