Here’s Some Battlefield 1 Gameplay For You


EA and DICE showed off some more Battlefield 1 gameplay, and shared more information on the upcoming game, at EA’s E3 press conference today.

Closing out its E3 2016 press conference today, EA and DICE gave gamers more of a taste of what we can expected with Battlefield 1, including dynamic weather, like fog and rain, that impacts the landscape and things like what you see and hear, forcing players to adapt their play styles to accommodate these changes. There will also be “intuitive destruction,” letting you “leave your mark” on the terrain. There are also new vehicles, appropriately called “Behemoths,” which are “the largest fully player-controlled vehicles ever seen in Battlefield.

“With Battlefield 1 we’re looking to deliver the most dynamic shooter ever. We want to make sure that no battle is ever the same for the players, and with the introduction of Operations, we’re giving the fans variety for game play and creativity,” said Aleksander Grondal, Senior Producer, DICE, in a statement. “Plus, with the new Behemoths, only in Battlefield 1 can you bring an Air Ship to a dogfight.”

If all that sounds awesome to you, you’re in luck – even though the game is releasing on October 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC, there will be an open beta later this summer.

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