Here’s The Official Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theatrical Poster


Disney has also released a new, 16-second “teaser” trailer, with admittedly only a few seconds of actual new footage.

Disney and Lucasfilm have finally brought us the official theatrical poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens ahead of it’s December release. Check it out below:


The poster shows off most of the major characters we expect to see in the movie, including the first “official” appearance of Carrie Fischer as Leia. Oddly, Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker appears to be completely absent. It also comes with the news that a brand new trailer will be revealed during ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast on October 19. To tide tide us over until then the official Disney Twitter has given us a sneak peak:

Exciting stuff! Stay tuned for the full trailer, which will we post as soon as it becomes available, so you don’t have to sit through a football game to see it.

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