King Leoric Joins [i]Heroes of The Storm[/i]

Dustin Browder says he is moving away from Heroes of the Storm to pursue other projects at Blizzard.

Some potentially bad news for Heroes of The Storm fans today: Game Director Dustin Browder has announced that he is moving away from the hero brawler to “pursue other projects” within the company.

The game’s current Technical director Alan Dabiri will be stepping into Browder’s shoes as game director.

“This was not an easy choice to make. I still play Heroes five nights a week, and sitting in the bullpen surrounded by this team has been the most intensely creative experience of my career. But one thing that’s making this decision easier is knowing the future of Heroes is in the right hands,” said Browder.

Before Heroes, Browder was the game director for StarCraft II. Could his departure to work on “other projects” be indicative of a new StarCraft project at Blizzard?

Source: Blizzard

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