Heroes of The Storm Patch Overhauls Ranked Play, Adds New Monk Hero


Additionally, Heroes of the Storm‘s new “dynamic bundles” will give you discounts on bundles if you already own some of the content.

A rather substantial patch has hit Heroes of The Storm today, adding a new hero (Kharazim, the Monk), an overhaul to how the game’s ranked mode works, and “Dynamic Bundles” – which will change price depending on how much of the content from them you already own. Kharazim is the first support champion from the Diablo universe, although he has his own little unique twist. Rather than having a set passive “trait” like all the other heroes, you can choose from three options at the start of the game – one that makes him more of a healer, one that makes him more of an assassin, and one that regenerates his mana to help him better support allies with his abilities.

The ranked changes are probably the most substantial of the patch. Up until now, HoTS‘ ranked play worked in a somewhat similar fashion to Hearthstone – with players starting at rank 40 and working their way up to the top. Now, all players will have to play a set of 20 “placement matches” to get their initial rank – in a somewhat similar fashion to Starcraft II. Secondly, ranked, named teams have been removed from the game, and the system will now automatically sort you into either Hero League or Team League depending on the size of your party. With this patch, everyone’s rank has been reset.

As for “Dynamic Bundles,” anyone familiar with League of Legends‘ bundles should know exactly what we’re talking about. Essentially, when you buy a hero/skin “bundle” in the store, its cost is dynamically reduced depending on how much of the content you already own. For example, if you want to buy the “Starter Bundle” but already own James Raynor, you’ll find that it’s slightly cheaper than if you didn’t own the hero.

There’s also a whole bunch of other balance changes to both heroes and battlegrounds which you can read about here.

Source: Blizzard

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