Heroes of The Storm‘s Newest Hero Signals End of Diablo Event


You can now hunt face in Heroes of the Storm with Rexxar, Champion of the Horde.

Heroes of The Storm‘s Warcraft and StarCraft fans have had to take the sidelines recently, as the game’s special Diablo-themed Eternal Conflict event had been taking up all the new heroes and maps. Well, the good news for you guys is that the latest patch signals the end of the event, and a brand-new Warcraft universe hero: Rexxar, who is perhaps best known these days as the Hunter from Hearthstone.

Rexxar, being a hunter, is a “ranged warrior” hero, and is actually the first hero in the game to fall under this category. He fights together with his faithful companion: Misha, who actually has her own health pool, and if killed, has her own separate death timer.

With the end of the Eternal Conflict event, the special Diablo-themed “kill a treasure goblin quest” has been removed, and players are no longer able to get the special treasure goblin portrait. Additionally, owners of Diablo III that haven’t logged into the game will no longer be able to claim their free Diablo hero.

This patch also brings with it the new “Silence” penalty for trolls and toxic players.

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