Hideo Kojima Might Pen Script For Metal Gear Solid Movie


Kojima insists Metal gear Solid is a game not a movie, but he wouldn’t mind writing one.

Back in August, Konami announced that Columbia Pictures would be the latest in a long line of studios to take a shot at getting a Metal gear Solid movie off the ground. Iron Man (and Double Dragon, lest we forget) producer Avi Arad will be producing the film, but no writer has been tapped yet. Series creator, Hideo Kojima, seems like an obvious choice.

Talking at today’s Metal Gear stage event in Tokyo, Kojima said he was interested in seeing how Hollywood would handle the property his name is synonymous with. He admitted he didn’t have any kind of final say in the film’s production, but did mention that he’s considering working on a script for the movie, adding that he’d probably call it Metal Gear Solid.

Despite his well-known fondness for cinema (and cinematics), Kojima insists that Metal Gear Solid has always been a game first and foremost. “I want to make a movie, but Metal Gear Solid is a game,” he said, totally ruining the joke I’m going to make in the closing paragraph. “It was created as a game.”

Kojima’s statements clash with those he made at the Art of Video Games exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum back in March.

“Honestly, I’m a movie fan and that’s very special to me,” he told the press. “I honestly would love to make a movie someday, but that said, I think it has to be a certain special game that has to provide that right setting. But I don’t think that game will be Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear Solid was developed specifically to become a game. …If it were to be made into a movie it would have to be something completely new. I wouldn’t use my current scripts. I think I’d have to get somebody to get a new script and somebody else to direct it as a movie.”

A number of writers, including Snake voice actor, David Hayter, have tried to pen scripts for a Metal Gear movie adaptation with no luck. Personally, I think there’s no one more qualified to write a Metal Gear Solid movie than Hideo Kojima, he has, after all, already written four of them.

Source: Kotaku

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