Hitman 3 Dubai Assassinations Guide

Hitman 3 throws Agent 47 straight into a complex Dubai mission first thing, and On Top of the World features two targets and oh-so-many ways to take them out. Some are standard, some hidden, and some special ones unlock extra rewards if you manage to pull them off. This Hitman 3 Dubai assassination guide will provide the best ways to pull them off to help you on your way.

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Conserve Ammunition and Impactful Art

Hitman 3: On Top of the World Special Kills Guide Conserve Ammo Impactful Art

One set of special kills revolves around following the first story, How the Mighty Fall. For Conserving Ammunition, you eliminate both targets with a single bullet using a sniper rifle. For Impactful Art, you need to eliminate both targets with a single chandelier.

Whichever you choose, you’ll trigger the mission story immediately upon starting the stage the first time, so you don’t have to do anything special. Just follow Grey’s commands, and then take out a maintenance worker to grab the key card before messing with the server. Once you get to the server room, use the card and override the panel, then pull the lever on the server tower with orange text. The others will trigger a guard response, which you don’t want because there’s nowhere good to hide yourself or other bodies.

After Grey announces a meeting, you’ll need to head to Ingram’s penthouse. The best disguise for that is the Elite Guard, the ones in the red berets and olive uniforms. They aren’t exactly hard to find, but one very easy one to knock out is outside the security office on the first floor.

Head upstairs once you’re decked out, and again, follow Grey’s prompts. Eventually, Ingram and Stuyvesant will be locked down in the same room, and that’s your chance to do a couple of things. One requires the sniper rifle, which you won’t get until leveling up your mastery more. While both of them are watching Grey on screen, line up a shot with the rifle that would go through both men, and that’s Conserving Ammunition taken care of.

Otherwise, shoot up at the cord holding the chandelier to drop it on them and earn Impactful Art. Now you’re getting started with your On Top of the World special kills in Hitman 3.

Mile High Drop — Eliminate Each Target While They are in the Air Parachuting

Hitman 3: On Top of the World Special Kills Guide Mile High Drop

This next special assassination in Hitman 3’s Dubai stage doesn’t follow any story intel, but you should know your way around the building by now. First up, make your way to the first floor above the atrium with whatever disguise you have at hand and go to the security hall there. Knock the elite guard unconscious and steal his uniform. Go inside the hall and knock that guard out as well. Then, using the code on the board (6927), open the safe to grab the evacuation card.

Now head up to the penthouse again and go left to the lounge area. It’s time for some rehearsal.

With the lounge to your back, enter the outer hallway and turn right. This stairwell leads to the helipad. Go back to the lounge and use your instincts. You’ll notice a line connecting two panels. Find the first (right outside the lounge) and then run upstairs to the second.

Once you’re comfortable with the layout, activate one panel and then run to the other and activate it. Now immediately run back to the helipad and knock the pilot out. Drag him behind some crates so the guards won’t notice and wait. Ingram and Stuyvesant, with a contingent of guards, approach, realize they can’t escape, and turn around. They’re headed to the outer ledge to the right of the penthouse entrance.

Follow them, and once they leap off the ledge, shoot them both to earn Mile High Drop, racking up another On Top of the World special kill in Hitman 3.

Additionally, one kill that doesn’t earn a reward also involves parachutes. You can sabotage both parachutes ahead of time so they both die anyway and you get an easy escape.

Steep Task — Eliminate Carl Ingram by Pushing, Dumping or Pulling Him Over a Ledge or Railing

This is another tough one. In Ingram’s usual route around the penthouse, he’ll walk to the balcony. Tip him over it to earn Steep Task, but note he’s always surrounded by guards during this process. Expect a tough fight.

Black Gold Eye — Eliminate Carl Ingram by Impaling Him on His Oil-Rig Model in His Office.

Hitman 3: On Top of the World Special Kills Guide Black Gold

Black Gold Eye is one of the trickier challenges in the Hitman 3 Dubai mission and one you might want to attempt on easy to lessen guard sensitivity. There are two ways to go about this one.

The easiest is also the longest. Go back to the penthouse, and this time, get an attendant disguise. Go up to Ingram’s room and take care of as many NPCs as you can. Since there are only so many closets around, you might need to throw some off the balcony. Grab an elite guard uniform as well.

Go back to the lounge and wait until Ingram turns up. Turn the radio on when he sits down, then quickly blend in on the nearby sofa. Once it gets shut off, do it again. Ingram eventually goes upstairs to his room. Follow him, and when he’s bending over his desk, you should get the option to impale him on the oil rig figure. Note this might not work depending on Ingram’s routine because it was pretty rare he went to his desk when I was disguised as a guard or attendant.

The harder way requires some quick thinking. Trigger the narrative by overhearing Kazem argue with Ingram’s guards at the staircase to the right in the atrium. Track it, find Kazem, lure him away, and knock him out to get his disguise. If you make a scene — dropping a gun in site of NPCs, for example — you might distract the guards so you can go up without being frisked. If not, make sure you have no illegal items on hand and submit to being frisked.

Speak with the attendant, meet with Ingram, and find the journalist. You can escort him most places, but the easiest thing to do is just take him to a bathroom and do whatever (preferably not killing him). Take a picture and go back to the attendant. She’ll take you up to the penthouse.

You have very little freedom here. Ingram takes you to his room and always goes to his desk, opening the opportunity to kill him. You’ll have to either fight your way out or somehow dispatch the guards before taking Ingram out. You could feasibly prepare by infiltrating the penthouse before taking Kazem’s disguise, but it’ll take much longer and dent your score.

Pick Your Poison — Eliminate Carl Ingram by Making Him Eat Poisoned Food

Disguise yourself as a chef and enter the penthouse. You might need to distract the chef in the penthouse’s kitchen area (to the right of the entrance) and steal his outfit. Then, you’ll need lethal poison. Hitman 3’s Dubai stage only has one set of lethal poison and it’s on Kazem the assassin in the Atrium. Knock him out and steal it, then go to the penthouse kitchen.

Distract the chef so he enters the pantry or use emetic poison on his water bottle if you’re disguised as penthouse staff. Take his outfit, then, prepare Ingram’s meal. Ring the bell to summon Ingram, and he’s done.

Angry Birdy — Eliminate Carl Ingram by Making Him Strike an Explosive Golf Ball


To eliminate Carl Ingram by making him strike an explosive golf ball during Hitman 3’s Dubai mission, you’ve got a few options. If this is your first playthrough, you’ll find a worker in the maintenance hallway below the penthouse level talking about her hatred for Ingram and how she stashed an exploding golf ball in the room at the end of the hall. Any nearby maintenance worker drops the door key if you knock them out, or if you’ve got a crowbar on hand, you can actually unlock the ladder near the putting green to get there.

If your mastery level is high enough, though, you can just start the mission with an exploding golf ball already on hand by changing out your starting gear. However you do it, exit the penthouse entrance area to the right, and you’ll find the golfing green. Put the ball in the basket when the maintenance worker isn’t looking.

Before getting to the good stuff, there’s some prep work to do outside Ingram’s room. Whether you’re a penthouse staff member or elite guard doesn’t matter, since there’s an enforcer of each type there. Find a way to quietly deal with each of them because you need free access to the vacuum there later.

Now put an elite guard disguise on, and go down to the lounge. When Ingram sits at his desk, turn the radio on and quickly blend in on the couch. Do it again when he sits back down, and he’ll go up to his room. Turn the vacuum on once he’s inside. He’ll get angry and go play golf. Challenge cleared.

Vertical Approach — Eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant by Pushing,Dumping or Pulling Him over a Ledge or Railing

Vertical Approach

The Vertical Approach kill in Hitman 3’s Dartmoor stage follows the (In)Security narrative, which you can activate from the start. Get into the staff area and go to the changing room adjoining the kitchen. Don’t attract the underwear man’s attention. Instead, go behind him and grab the papers off the bench. Now find an event guard (white uniform) and take their disguise. The prompts are a bit useless here, since they just direct you to the nearest guard who isn’t always in an easy-to-hide area. Outfit in hand, go to the security office to the left of the Black Gold bar area.

Wait for Stuyvesant, hand him the papers, and then follow him to the balcony. Save once you get there in case you have trouble hitting the targets. Once you successfully hit each moving target, you’re alone with Stuyvesant. You can tip him over the ledge to finish the challenge.

Icarus — Electrocute Marcus Stuyvesant Using the Sun at the Art Installation

Icarus 3

This one is easier to accomplish once you’ve unlocked the ability to start as a technician, just to save time and trouble. In the art installation area (right of the atrium), head behind the scenes. Grab a crowbar lying around. Go up the stairs and knock the two technicians out, then put them in the chest nearby. To the right of the desk is a fuse box. Open it with the crowbar and take the fuse out. Now, turn around and go to the opposite end of the platform. Turn left and walk to the edge. You’ll get a prompt to jump. Then follow the path all the way around, climb down the ladder, and you’ll find another fuse box. Insert the fuse to set the trap.

The next step is getting Stuyvesant to the installation. He usually does this on a normal route around the area, but I somehow managed to force another route by triggering the alarm in the hall outside the installation. After it subsided, he came back to inspect the sun.

Either way, once he’s in front of it, trigger the override where you inserted the fuse.

That’s it for Hitman 3 Dubai assassinations, but stick around with The Escapist for more Hitman 3 guides:

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