This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Hitman 3.

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And so comes yet another final instalment of the series that has soft rebooted more often than a melting ZX81. Hitman 3. I seem to remember Hitman 2 came out during a slow period in Winter as well. Must be something about this time of year when we’re stuck indoors with the family that makes people want to methodically plan brutal executions. So let’s be blunt, Hitman 3 might be wrapping up the story of the last two games but this definitely won’t be the last of the Hitman series. Obviously it’s going to be strung out with DLC for a while like a diabetic rationing his jelly beans but that aside, what the fuck else has IO Interactive got to fall back on? Freedom Fighters? The fucking Kane & Lynch sequel that I for one would welcome like a snow shovel to the bridge of the nose? “They’re making a James Bond game, Yahtz!” Oh, a game about an unflappable dude in a suit pursuing secret objectives in a series of high-class environments, that’ll be a fucking stretch. It’ll just be like Hitman, won’t it, except with forcible undressing of women as well as men. Hitman’s the only string to IO’s bow, but hey, unless you’ve got two archery targets and three arms you probably don’t need more than one string on a bow, anyway.

Yahtzee Croshaw
Yahtzee Croshaw is a British comedic writer, video game journalist, humorist, author, and video game developer.

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