Debut trailer does not skimp on the killing.

Due out in late August, the first trailer for Hitman: Agent 47 shows how Fox intends to carry on with its stealth-action franchise last visited by Hollywood in 2007. This time around, there’s no Timothy Olyphant, and the clean-shaven head…well, actually there’s quite a bit of head stubble going on.

Anyway! Hitman: Agent 47 follows everyone’s favorite assassin (Beatrix Kiddo aside) as he helicopter- and jet-murders his way through a bunch of generic SWAT-looking mercs, and at least a handful of Marines. Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Heroes) comes in with a supporting role, but 47 is played by Rupert Friend (Homeland).

So far, it’s coming off as an origin story, including saving (killing?) the man who created the Agent program. The metal detector scene is a rip-off of homage to The Matrix, no doubt, but we’ve yet to see if the rest of the action in Aleksander Bach’s Hollywood directorial debut is up to snuff.

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