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image is offering some sweet deals on its entire catalog and giving away not just one but two adventure classics absolutely free as part of its big 2009 Holiday Sale.

The holidays are upon us and the guys at GOG are at it again, with discounts ranging from 25 to 40 percent off its entire selection of 171 games. That means you can score games like Painkiller Black for $6.99, Arx Fatalis for $3.89, Divine Divinity for $4.49 or Psychonauts for $7.49. Holy crap!

Making things even better, GOG is giving away Mean Streets and Martian Memorandum, perhaps better known as Tex Murphy 1 and 2, absolutely free. They’re pretty seriously dated – Mean Streets was released in 1989 – but both are widely recognized as adventure classics, particularly Martian Memorandum, one of the earliest games to use full-motion video and digitized voices. And they’re free!

“2009 has been an amazing year for, during which we’ve expanded our catalog to more than 170 games and brought in lots of new users from around the world,” said GOG Managing Director Adam Oldakowski. “This Holiday Sale – along with the free Tex Murphy 1+2 giveaway that’s still going until December 24 – is a way for us to give back to the loyal fans that have made our site such a success.”

I’m not normally one to make a lot of noise about deals on other sites but GOG gets some extra love because it offers gamers a chance to go back and pick up on past greats that they may have missed the first time around. Some of the stuff is pretty mouldy but there are some serious classics to be found as well, and giving away free games? That always deserves a little airtime in my book.

The 2009 Holiday Sale at GOG runs until midnight on January 3, 2010, while the Tex Murphy giveaway ends on December 24.

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