After repeatedly declaring that he was moving away from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Hideo Kojima is back at it with two new MGS games. Why’d he get back into the game? Well, he’s doing it for the kids.

Michael Jordan. Jay-Z. People who have famously declared that they would be retiring from the professions that they were the kings of to do other things, only to come back in a couple years. “Can’t leave rap alone, the game needs me,” Jay-Z said. Well, in the case of Hideo Kojima, a game literally needed him.

After saying over and over that he’d be taking a smaller role on the Metal Gear Solid games, Kojima announced at E3 that he was working on two of them. The Raiden-headlining Metal Gear Solid: Rising will only find Kojima in a production role, but the PSP’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker has Kojima as a designer, director and producer. Three central and important roles. So why’d he come back?

“I was going to have a hand in the project as a producer, and make titles other than MGS,” Kojima recalled in an interview with Dengeki: PlayStation. “But, I set the game in the South American country of Costa Rica and created a story with themes about nuclear deterrence and the Cold War. It looked as if it might be very confusing to young people, because of generational differences. So, in the end I finally said, ‘I’ll do it.'”

So. Kojima didn’t trust anyone to be able to explain Cold War-era issues to young people, so he decided that he would do it himself. Because he’s like a history teacher, he’s so good at explaining important events of the 20th century to the silly kids these days. I’m telling you, only a dude who rides ducks like it’s nothing can do stuff like this.

Kojima also went into some details about the game, saying that it features “completely different…action than what has appeared in the series so far.” That new action includes what Kojima is calling “The Love Box,” the cardboard box that two characters can hide underneath as seen in the Peace Walker trailer during E3.

Yes, that’s right. The Love Box.

[Via GameCenterOnline]

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