Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase discusses the smooth development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and giving it a release date.

Square Enix Reveals Around How Long Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Takes to Beat

Square Enix revealed approximately how long Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will take to beat or complete– and you better get ready to book some time off.

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Producer Yoshinori Kitase released a statement following the State of Play on Sept. 14, confirming the game would release on Feb. 29, 2024. The note says that the game will “feature elements from the previous game, as well as greatly enhanced features such as the vast world map to explore and synergy abilities with party members.” Kitase added players can play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth as a standalone adventure, with a recap of Final Fantasy VII Remake being provided to those who need a refresher or missed the original.

In a separate note, director Naoki Hamaguchi noted Final Fantasy VII Rebirth would be bigger than its predecessor and embrace the idea of “free exploration.” This means mini-games and powerful monsters, such as the Weapons featured in the trailer. Hamaguchi added that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has “nearly 100 hours of adventure” awaiting players. It’s not clear at the time of writing what playstyle or level of completion Hamaguchi has in mind when citing that number. My sense of it is that it’s closer to the length those who are aiming to do everything in the game will play, because nearly 100 hours just to get through the story would be truly absurd.

You can read the statements, which were posted by Wario64 on X, below.

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For context, How Long to Beat lists Final Fantasy VII Remake as taking on average between 32 and 45 hours to beat for most gamers. Completionists will take longer, with their average being nearly 87 hours. The original game is estimated by the same source at around 37 hours to 52 hours, with completionists taking approximately 84 hours. If Final Fantasy VII Rebirth takes that long to beat, it would undoubtedly be the longest game of the three. However, considering just how much it seems to be adapting, that makes some sense. After all, we’ve known Rebirth will be massive and span two physical discs.

Rebirth is one of the most anticipated games around right now. Remake, which retold and the story of Final Fantasy VII with several notable twists, proved a smash-hit when it released in 2020. And frankly, Square Enix could use a win right now. Recently, news dropped that, since Final Fantasy XVI‘s release earlier this year, the company has lost more than a billion dollars in value.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will release on Feb. 29, 2024.

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