How Long Would It Take You to Play Through Your Steam Games?

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The pile of Steam games will just keep going on and on.

The curse of the Steam backlog is too many games and not enough time to play them all. Before you know it, your list of unfinished games just keeps growing with every Steam sale and Humble Bundle. If you ever wanted to know approximately how many hours it would take to complete the games in your Steam library, a site called SteamLeft is here to make you feel ashamed.

SteamLeft uses data from the crowdsourced site HowLongToBeat, which takes in the number of hours people say it took them to play the game as well as how they were playing (e.g. completing the main story, completing the main story and extra content, earning every achievement, etc.). HowLongToBeat then takes the averages of each to provide an estimate for the length of the game.

To get your estimate for your library, just enter your Steam ID; your profile must be publicly viewable.

The funniest part of it all is SteamLeft gives you suggestions on how you could spend that time instead. For example, you could listen to “Be A Man from Mulan over 7,000 times. You could watch the Star Wars original trilogy 90 times. You could drive from coast-to-coast in the U.S. five times. Or maybe you’d rather watch the entire Hobbit trilogy 38 times, in my case. Maybe run a marathon 70 times?

Of course, the curse is that we’ll all continue to get new games before we’re finished with the older ones so will we ever complete them all? According to an Ars Technica database dig, about 36% of games in all users’ libraries have never been played, and only 17% are played for one hour.

How long would it take you to finish all of your Steam games?

Source: SteamLeft

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