Here is everything you need to know about how to approach Virginia Puffton in Sons of the Forest, the three-legged, three-armed woman.

Sons of the Forest’s single-player mode pairs you up with the rather excellent Kelvin, but he’s not the only friendly NPC in the game. There’s also Virginia who, unlike Kelvin, is capable of wielding weapons. You might already have seen her, turning up at your home base, but you have to approach her the right way. So here is how to approach three-legged, three-armed Virginia in Sons of the Forest to make peace with her.

It’s Best to Let Virginia Approach You in Sons of the Forest

Virginia will probably turn up at your camp. You may encounter her elsewhere, but she tends to wander over to wherever your home base is. You can’t miss her, as she’s wearing a white one-piece swimsuit — and she has the aforementioned three arms and three legs.

Who is she? If you kept an eye out during the intro sequence, you’ll recognize her as Virginia Puffton, daughter of the family you’ve been sent to rescue. She’s not particularly talkative, but the good news is that she won’t try to try to slaughter you at the first opportunity.

Yes, you can try to approach her. If you want to do that, make sure you’ve got empty hands, and if she puts her own hands up when you approach, back off. However, most attempts at approaching her will result in her fleeing.

Instead, let her come to you. Just let her approach and run off a few times — eventually she’ll get comfortable enough to hang around. Then you should be able to approach her, without a weapon, and interact with her by pressing “E.” She may also offer you a gift — berries or similar.

However, while you’ll be able to interact with her, you can’t command her as you can Kelvin. And you shouldn’t count on her always being around. But on an island populated by mutants, cannibals, and mutant cannibals, it’s good to have a familiar face that won’t try to eat yours.

That’s everything you need to know about how to approach Virginia in Sons of the Forest.

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