Here are all of the things you can try if you want to know how to fix frame rate issues with Hogwarts Legacy on PC.

No matter how interesting the Hogwarts castle is, when the frame rate drops, it’s easy to lose that sense of immersion. It’s no wonder why many PC fans have been frustrated with frame rate issues plaguing Hogwarts Legacy on launch. But while you may think there needs to be a magic spell to fix the frame rate issue, there are several real-world options to try if your PC keeps dropping frames during your Hogwarts Legacy playthrough.

These Are Some of the Best Ways to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Frame Rate on PC

First, it’s important to make sure that your PC’s graphics drivers are all up to date. If not, you will likely need an upgrade.

Check to see if Hogwarts Legacy has released any new updates. Oftentimes performance patches come in even only a few days after release, so it’s important to be up to date on the latest version of the game.

While leaving ray tracing on will improve the realistic look of Hogwarts Legacy, turning it off can also assist with reducing PC frame rate issues, especially if your computer has lower graphical capabilities.

It’s possible to also reduce your game’s graphical and game settings, which could reduce the graphical capabilities but help the game perform better on your computer. This can especially help avoid frame rate issues on computers with lesser graphical capabilities. Similarly, lowering the resolution could be a key fix in this scenario.

There are also other options you can try outside of the game. First, try turning on your DLSS if the GPU is capable of running it. Also be sure any other applications or programs are closed out to avoid overloading your computer with too many tasks. Similarly, you’ll want to make sure that your computer isn’t actively downloading any games or programs that could be slowing Hogwarts Legacy down.

If you are desperate to further fix your frame rate issues in PC Hogwarts Legacy, you can disable the antivirus during your playtime. It should be noted that this can be risky if your computer is at risk for a bug, but occasionally antivirus software can sometimes interfere with gameplay and cause frame rate issues.

For simpler attempts to fix the frame rate, it also doesn’t hurt to verify the game files or even reinstall the game if there are continued issues. Similarly, sometimes resetting the game or even your PC can make a major difference.

Frame rate issues are always frustrating, but with these tools you will have a chance to fix the issues in Hogwarts Legacy. If frame rate issues do persist, remember that often patches and subsequent updates will reduce these issues further over time.

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