How to find Circuit Boards in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest might take place on an uncharted island inhabited by cannibals, but there are plenty of hi-tech things to craft, like timebombs and tech armor. Fittingly, making those items requires a resource called circuit boards. If you want to know how to get circuit boards in Sons of the Forest, here’s the answer. 

There are Several Ways to get Circuit Boards in Sons of the Forest.

In the game, circuit boards often turn up in equipment cases and similar containers. Since those cases regularly refill themselves, you should keep checking any you come across. If your base is near your crash site, go through those cases regularly.

That doesn’t mean you’ll get what you’re looking for every time, since the contents are more or less random. However, you should gather a decent crop if you persist. No, we’ve no idea why people are carrying around random circuit boards, but there’s no accounting for taste. 

Apart from that, you can also get circuit boards in Sons of the Forest by smashing radios, laptops, and similar technology items. You’ll often find radios sitting near tents or, in some cases, in cannibal camps. It’s a fair bet to say their former owner isn’t going to miss them. 

Smashing them with your hand axe will do the job, but grab the boards as soon as you can. We’ve had a couple clip through the floor, out of reach. Now you can build time bombs, tech armor, and no doubt much more to come as other recipes are added to the game throughout the Early Access period. Another useful item that you might be having trouble tracking down is the shovel, and the process for finding it is a bit more involved, so check out our guide

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