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How to Reach 100k Kills Efficiently in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors 100k kills

A number of achievements in poncle’s bullet-heaven hit Vampire Survivors require you to clear 100,000 kills in a single round of play with different characters. Even for a game like Vampire Survivors, where it’s hard to not crack a 5-digit body count, that can be a tall order. Here’s how to efficiently rack up 100k dead monsters in Vampire Survivors.

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor: Efficiently Killing 100,000 Monsters in One Run of Vampire Survivors

It should be said straight up that this is one of the challenges that Vampire Survivors has effectively solved for you by now. February 2023’s patch 1.3.0 introduced new mechanics to Vampire Survivors that make it much easier to hit the 100,000 mark.

Specifically, there’s a relic in the recently introduced challenge stage Bat Country, Apoplexy, that does this job for you. Getting Apoplexy unlocks a new passive, Charm, that can be purchased for gold in your PowerUp menu.

Vampire Survivors 100k Kills Power Up

Each level of Charm raises the number of enemies that spawn at once in any stage by 20, to a maximum of 100 at level 5. While your Curse stat does a similar thing, Curse increases enemy amount by a percentage, as opposed to Charm’s straight numerical increase. With maxed Charm and Curse in your PowerUp menu, the issue is not whether you’ll clear 100,000 kills, but if you can survive long enough to get your build going.

To unlock Bat Country, reach level 80 on the Inverse Mode version of the Mad Forest with any character. You can then find Apoplexy in Bat Country when it appears at the 8-minute mark.

Vampire Survivors Bat Country

In practice, once you’ve got 3 ranks in Charm or higher, you should routinely be seeing final monster kill counts in the high 5 digits. If you also add in a few sources of Curse, such as maxing out Torrona’s Box, the Skull O’Maniac relic, or the +35% Curse from your PowerUp menu, your kill count can really skyrocket. If you’d like to make some real money along the way, take the Wicked Season Arcana at the start of the run.

Vampire Survivors 100k kills Arcana

The addition of Charm simplifies a process that used to be surprisingly difficult. In practice, pre-1.3.0 attempts to break the 100,000 kill ceiling were all about stacking Curse as high as it’d go as fast as you could from every source in the game. You had to balance your ability to survive against waves of fast-moving, high-health monsters vs. your chances of crossing the kill count before the 30-minute mark.

Now the only tricky part comes from choosing a stage. With Charm and some source of Curse in play, some maps in Vampire Survivors have tough enough monsters in their rotation that it can seriously slow your kill count.

Dairy Plant, for example, starts throwing tons of tough monsters at you in the last couple of minutes, so if you haven’t crossed 100,000 by that point, you won’t. It’ll just take too long to kill each individual monster. Inlaid Library, on the other hand, has no such problems, and is an excellent pick for a 100,000-kill run.

Vampire Survivors 100k Kills Inlaid Library

There are Currently Four Achievements Tied to 100,000-kill Runs:

Victory Sword — defeating 100k enemies with Queen Sigma

Megalo Menya — defeating 100k enemies with Menya Moonspell

Megalo Syuuto — defeating 100k enemies with Syuuto Moonspell

Je-Ne-Viv — defeating 100k enemies with Genevieve Gruyère

And that’s a strategy to reliably get the 100,000-kills achievements in Vampire Survivors.




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