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How to Wake the Entombed Dead Early in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Dank Crypt

This is how to stop the Entombed Dead in Baldurs Gate 3s Dank Crypt from surprising you.

Like more than a few fantasy RPGs, Baldur’s Gate 3 pits you against the undead. But we’re not just talking about your everyday Joe Shambler; the living dead you encounter early on in the game are a little more formidable than that. But there’s a way to get the drop on them, so if you want to know how to wake the Entombed Dead early in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Dank Crypt, here’s the answer.

Here’s How to Make the Dank Crypt Encounter in BG3 Much Easier

The Entombed Dead will spring to life when you enter the area that contains Withers, a more amiable undead sort. If you’ve seen a single horror movie or played any of the Resident Evil games, you know they’re going to be a problem.

Unlike the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, you can’t wake these undead by attacking them. You’re told they’re not a valid target, which is a bit annoying. Whether it’s spells or swords, you can’t hack them to pieces before they rise.

What you can do in Baldur’s Gate 3 is use throw on their dormant corpses. You’ll need a character who’s strong enough, though. My Bard didn’t have enough muscle power but Shadowheart did. She threw the Entombed Dead (an Entombed Warrior) and not only did they wake up, so did the three others in the room.

Now it’s less of a surprise when they reanimate, but you can do more than that. If you want to make the fight even easier (you may have taken a beating from the bandits), there are two more things you can do before yeeting one of these skeletal menaces.

  • First, search their corpses and take absolutely everything from them, weapons and so forth.
  • Then, before you throw them, split your party up so that one character is within attacking range of each Entombed Dead. For example, have Shadowheart stand close enough that she can get a slash in without having to cross half the room.

And that’s how to wake the Entombed Dead early in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Dank Crypt, making the fight easier. There’s other lessons that can make every fight easier, such as positioning, so make sure to check out our other guides for more valuable tips.

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