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Best Yae Miko Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Yae Miko is a versatile 5-star character in Genshin Impact, with her easy-to-grasp gameplay and ability to slot in many different team comps. Here are some of the best party members you can bring alongside her.

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Best Team Comps to Run with Yae Miko in Genshin Impact

Yae Miko is a great 5-star Electro character and the Familiar of Raiden Shogun. She looks very cool, is enjoyable in the story, and packs a punch in battle. Her role as an off-field Electro DPS draws similarities with Fischl, but both girls end up working incredibly well side-by-side. By setting up her Electro totems with consistent damage and excellent range, she brings strong Elemental application and a devastating Burst to the table. 

Electro synergizes very well with Hydro and has had a huge glow-up since Dendro was introduced. There’s a great selection of team comps for Yae Miko. I’ll be covering the best I’ve found, but remember that you can always adjust comps to fit the characters you own in Genshin Impact.

Yae Tazer

Yae Miko – Fischl – Kokomi – Sucrose

Team MemberRoleAlternatives
Yae MikoOff-field DPS
FischlOff-field DPS
Sangonomiya KokomiHealer/DriverMona, Barbara
SucroseSupport/DriverKaedehara Kazuha, Venti

Tazer is a classic composition featuring Electro, Hydro, and Anemo characters. Yae Miko and Fischl take more of an on-field role in this team while either of their supports takes the lead. Once the Electro girls send off their pets, Kokomi or Sucrose should keep using their Normals to constantly trigger Electro-Charged reactions. Yae may forgo her Burst in this team, but that’s up to preference.

The team has huge AoE potential, and it’s relatively cheap to build, with the only real investments being both Yae and Fischl who already demand it by nature. Sucrose is truly the best option here due to her Elemental Mastery buffs, as this team’s damage comes almost exclusively from elemental reactions.

  • Great for clearing packs of enemies.
  • Relatively easy to assemble.
  • Good sustain and on-field damage even without actual DPS taking the stage.
  • Particularly good against elemental aura enemies (slimes, elemental enemies, etc)
  • Bad at bosses/single target.
  • Can disrupt you when facing Pyro enemies (Overload).
  • Mona variants are powerful but lack sustain. Barbara lacks strong Hydro application.

Yae Raiden Hypercarry

Yae Miko – Raiden Shogun – Kazuha – Bennett

Team MemberRoleAlternatives
Yae MikoSub-DPS
Raiden ShogunMain DPSKeqing, Cyno
Kaedehara KazuhaSupportSucrose
BennettHealer/BufferBaizhu, Yaoyao

Yae Miko and Raiden go together like two peas in a pod. Their skills and timing are so synergistic that it feels great playing them together. It’s also lore-accurate, considering that they’re best friends. Her duo Hypercarry team is also one of the most reliable comps for Yae, as it draws out a lot of their potential by complementing each other’s downtimes. You can easily set up Yae’s totems and Burst while the Shogun is still on cooldown.

Buffer extraordinaire Bennett brings Pyro, healing, and damage buffs to the team, while Kazuha Swirls that fiery electricity like no one else does. Alternatively, you can turn it into an Aggravate-heavy team by using Dendro characters instead of Bennett, but the results might not be as great.

  • Huge Electro damage amplified by some of the game’s best supports.
  • Virtually no issues with Energy.
  • Rotations are smooth and intuitive.
  • No Constellations needed outside of Bennett’s C1 (already standard for him).
  • High investment is needed.
  • Dendro variants lack a few buffs (especially with Yaoyao).
  • A lack of reactions can hurt the team’s damage.

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Yae Quicken

Yae Miko – Tighnari – Fischl – Kazuha

Team MemberRoleAlternatives
Yae MikoQuickswap DPS
TighnariQuickswap DPSAlhaitham
FischlOff-DPS/FlexNahida, Baizhu, Yaoyao
SucroseSupportKaedehara Kazuha

Tighnari is another great pairing for Yae because both require downtime after doing their on-field work. They complement each other fairly well in a Quicken team and can bring up some more support to help them dish out that missing damage to finish their foes. Their cooldowns pair well together, so it’s another easy-to-use team.

Spread and Aggravate can exist at the same target at the same time, so don’t worry about triggering one or another. Alternative options include bringing healers or Dendro options instead of Fischl. Sucrose is preferred over Kazuha due to her EM buffs. Alhaitham can possibly work even better as the prime Dendro, but the way Tighnari works with Yae is just too satisfying to let go.

  • High investment but even higher results.
  • Main team members pair up incredibly well together.
  • Very flexible with units.
  • Rotation order doesn’t matter much (as long as you apply the correct buffs).
  • Needs a ton of limited characters to get the team’s best version.
  • May have problems with Energy generation, especially in single-target battles.


Yae Miko – Fischl – Chevreuse – Bennett

Team MemberRoleAlternatives
Yae MikoMain DPS
FischlSub-DPSRaiden Shogun, Beidou
BennettSupport/HealerXiangling, Dehya

Thanks to Chevreuse’s unique passives, Electro-Pyro teams are quite viable now. As she decreases enemies’ Resistances and triggers powerful Overload reactions, she can deal really high numbers given the right circumstances. A more EM-focused build is advised for the best results, but ATK-based builds are fine too.

The main drawback might be taking damage yourself from Overload, which is very likely to happen while inside Bennett’s Burst. Also, there’s a severe lack of Pyro at times, forcing you to constantly swap back to him so your team can keep going.

  • An alternative, fun and powerful team.
  • Can deal damage even without big Crit rolls on Artifacts.
  • Somewhat flexible with some units.
  • Requires some specific characters to work (Chevreuse).
  • Alternative options can run into certain problems, such as sustain or energy generation.
  • Works best with EM Sands on Yae, which is good, but not everyone uses it.

Yae Overvape

Yae Miko – Arlecchino – Yelan – Kazuha

Team MemberRoleAlternatives
Yae MikoSub-DPS
ArlecchinoMain DPSHu Tao, Diluc, Xiangling
YelanSub-DPS/SupportXingqiu, Kokomi
Kaedehara KazuhaSupportSucrose

Overvape is less common than other comps, but it consists of applying Overload and Vaporize at the same time by abusing the Electro-Charged reaction. See it as an alternative to the very first team showcased. But this time, Yae takes an even farther seat as you don’t even need her burst here. Her totems will do the job.

Arlecchino, or whoever you pick as the Pyro character, will do most of the work with their elemental applications. Yae should also be on EM here ideally. The main advantage is adding even more damage to a naturally powerful comp by bringing Yae’s fierce Electro hits.

  • Enhances already powerful comps.
  • Powerful AoE and single-target potential.
  • Frees up other characters to use on different teams inside Abyss.
  • Not always an upgrade depending on the comp.
  • Requires more EM-heavy builds.
  • Can lead to unexpected self-KOs if not careful.

That covers the best team comps for Yae Miko in Genshin Impact. Hopefully, these suggestions will give you some good ideas for teams that you can build around Yae Miko if you manage to pull her. And if you’re looking for more team comps to fit with other characters, make sure to take a look through our archives.

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