Take this quiz to find out how you deal with the zombie hordes clawing at every door.

Ouch! That thing just gouged my arm. Damn, that hurt. Anyway …

Every zombie story has a group of colorful human survivors that have to band together to survive. Whether in the many zombie attack survival videogames like Left 4 Dead or movies like Zombieland and Dawn of the Dead, or even the latest TV show adaptation of the comic book The Walking Dead, there are some common archetypes that are immediately recognizable. But when* the brains hit the fan, and the dead start rising from their graves to terrorize your town, what characteristics will you embody?

There were many archetypes to choose from but we picked a group that are completely unique: The lazy security guard. The lady who won’t take shit from anybody. The man from the city. The poncy businessman. The child. Not to mention the woman that may or may not have been recently bit by the not-quite-dead.

Ugh, I don’t feel so good. Anybody smell that garbage?

So in celebration of Issue #304 of The Escapist Magazine that covers all things zombie and why they are such a pervasive part of our shared culture, please take this personality quiz to find out what you’ll be like when the dead rise up. You’ll get a badge for you to proclaim your zombie-pocalypse survivor archetype to the masses, and you can always retry if you don’t like your first result.

Take the quiz now to find out What Zombie-pocalypse Survivor Are You?


*Please note that I said “when” and not “if.” The zombie attack is on its way people – it’s just a matter of time.


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