Humble Bundle Goes Indie Again – UPDATED


The Humble Indie Bundle 9 is yet another collection of some of the finest indie game offerings on the market.

There’s a good likelihood that you already own some of these games, if not most (or even all) of them, but even if you’re only lacking one of these outstanding titles there’s no better time than now to remedy that situation.

The Humble Indie Bundle 9 has Trine 2: Complete Story, which includes the Goblin Menace expansion and the Dwarven Caverns level, Mark of the Ninja, the Eets Munchies beta and Brutal Legend. And you know the deal – pay more than the average, which is currently well under four bucks, and you’ll also pick up FTL: Faster Than Light and Fez. Trine 2, Brutal Legend, FTL and Fez also include soundtracks, making it a solid deal for music fans, too.

As always, you pay what you want for the bundle, with monies divided however you like between the developers, charity – the EFF, Watsi and Child’s Play – and the Humble Bundle guys. Paying a minimum of $1 nets you Steam keys where available as well as DRM-free downloads from the Humble store, and if you pay more than $3.99 you’ll also get bonus games that will unlock later.

The Humble Indie Bundle 9 is live now and will remain so for two weeks, and although these games have been kicking around for awhile, they’re all very, very good. If you’re missing even just one out of the pack, three bucks and change to fill that hole is a deal you’re not likely to beat.

UPDATE: With one week left on the clock, the promised bonus games have unlocked, and they are an impressive addition to an already-impressive bundle. Pay more than the average price – still well under five bucks – and along with Fez and FTL you’ll also score Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, A Virus Named TOM, Bastion and Limbo. Yowzah!

Source: Humble Bundle

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