The second Humble Indie Bundle is still going strong, and still adding features for those donating.

Humble Indie Bundle #2, the followup to the first, was incredibly well received with more than $500,000 raised in 24 hours. Less than a week later, it’s broken $1 million dollars, and might even add another game to its ranks in the near future.

Bundle #2 has currently accrued $1,202,619 from its pay-what-you-want price tag, with 162,712 buys at an average purchase price of $7.39. Not bad for a bundle of 5 games you can get for $0.01. The fact that many people are paying more than the bare minimum gives hope to the human race, and the Bundle even has a new top donor that loves Pi named “grflwitz” that gave $3,141.59.

To reward purchasers, the organizers of Humble Indie Bundle #2 have made it redeemable on Steam and Desura, a newly launched digital distribution platform. Cortex Command and Revenge of the Titans will be added to the Steam library of Bundle owners once they hit the service. The availability time of Humble Indie Bundle #2 has been extended as well, with approximately 5 days left as of this writing.

Co-organizer of the Humble Indie Bundle John Graham has even told Indie Games that there are still some crazy ideas to be unveiled revolving around Bundle #2. “We don’t want to do the same thing every time, but we have some ideas for fun things we could do,” he said. “I can’t reveal what those might be yet, but we have at least one crazy idea that we’re going to reveal a little later on in the week.”

Graham added that if he can find a good new game to add to Bundle #2, he’ll try to put it in, just like how Samorost 2 was added to Bundle #1. “I’d recommend keeping your eye on the Humble Indie Bundle site… something might happen,” he said.

Graham also revealed that there are absolutely, positively more Humble Indie Bundles coming in the future, and he has wide eyes for potential game inclusions. He wants to add titles like Minecraft, Super Meat Boy, and Heroes of Newerth if he can, but these games are just talk and wishful thinking for now.

If you haven’t checked out the Humble Indie Bundle yet, it’s available here

Source: IndieGames

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