The new Humble Store is offering a debut sale with games including Don’t Starve, Gunpoint, Orcs Must Die 2 and The Swapper at 50 to 75 percent off.

First there was the Humble Bundle, and it was good. Then came the Humble Weekly Sale, and it was pretty cool too. Now it’s time for the next step in the Humble evolution: The Humble Store, where games go on sale and proceeds go to charity.

The Humble Store functions kind of like the regular Humble Bundle, but there are a few key differences. For one thing, you can buy the games individually, so if you only want, say, Euro Truck Simulator 2, you only buy Euro Truck Simulator 2. The money is also divided up at a fixed rate, with 75 percent going to the developers, 15 percent to the Humble guys and ten percent to charity, shared equally among the American Red Cross, Child’s Play, the EFF, World Land Trust and Charity: Water. It will also have a lot more games on offer than you’d see in a standard bundle.

The current sale is valid until 2 pm EST on November 12, and yes, that’s tomorrow – sales will be updated every 24 hours. All games in the current lineup are available on Steam and several also have DRM-free and Linux options as well. There are even a couple of Mac versions in there.

The observant among you may feel an urge to point out that the Humble Store has actually been around for awhile now as a way for indie developers to hawk their wares, but this is a full-on digital storefront along the lines of Steam or GOG. That means more indie developers, more games and more sales in one highly visible place – and that’s a good thing for everyone.

Source: The Humble Store

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