Humble Store’s Winter Sale Discounts More than 500 Games


Humble’s Winter Sale will run until December 22nd and includes discounts on more than 500 games in addition to special daily sales.

The Christmas season comes with a lot of baggage. In fact, between the snow and the aggressive holiday shoppers it’s a wonder people don’t just hole up until the holidays expire. For all the annoyances it can bring though, Christmas does come with some perks. Eggnog is easily available, candy canes become a regular fixture of everyday life and, perhaps best of all, video games get nice and cheap.

Just take the Humble Store’s recently launched Winter Sale. In an event scheduled to run until December 22nd, the digital retailer is offering discounts on more than 500 games from its catalog. The site will also feature daily deals offering time-sensitive price cuts on a variety of titles. Today, for instance, Valkyria Chronicles, Thief, The Walking Dead: Season Two and Divinity: Original Sin are all on sale along with several other games. And, of course, as with all Humble products, a portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to a variety of charities including the American Red Cross, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play.

The real question, of course, is how Humble’s winter deals compare with its competitors. GOG is still in the midst of its own winter sale which has played host to its own selection of impressive deals. All eyes are also on Valve to see what it offers gamers with its much-anticipated seasonal Steam sale. What do you think of Humble’s sale? Are there any deals that stick out to you?

Source: Humble Store

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