Hush! Among The Sleep Won’t Wake Up Till 2014

Krillbite’s making sure everything runs smoothly before it lets this baby out of its crib.

Among the Sleep, Krillbite Studio’s indie survival horror effort that enjoyed a fantastic Kickstarter, will wake up early spring 2014. At least, says Krillbite, that’s the goal; it wants to make sure the game’s as good as possible before release, which until now had a tentative December date. But things are really starting to take shape, says Krillbite, which is why it’s happy with a 2014 release. Now it knows what it has left to do.

“Going forward this involves streamlining the game overall, adding detail, implementing voiceovers, localisation, optimising the Oculus Rift implementation, improving menu & GUI, and lots’n lots of testing and bug fixing,” says Krillbite. After which it has to get things sorted with GOG and Steam, but once that’s done, surreal infant horror awaits! And so do we. Breath bated and everything.

It’s been an amazing journey for Krillbite, and with any luck this one will be taking its first steps soon. Meanwhile if you want a taste there’s always the free alpha, which has had 200,000 playthroughs and is still getting a workout 400 times a day, “something we find quite unbelievable,” says Krillbite. I don’t see why. So far, there’s every reason to think this one will scare the diapers clean off you, which can only be a good thing.

Source: Eurogamer

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