To quote Ray Parker, Jr.: “Bustin’ makes me feel good” (Ghostbustin’, to be precise.) So does the newly-unveiled intro movie to the upcoming Ghostbusters videogame.

We knew the original cast was coming back. We knew the original writers were doing the script. But somehow, it isn’t until I saw this intro movie that it really hit me: This game has the Ghostbusters spirit (no pun intended) in spades.

Maybe it’s the uncomfortable and awkward in-game commercial advertising the counter-paranormal services. Maybe it’s the off-screen terror in the museum (and the nice little preview in the closed circuit monitors). Maybe it’s the way that the familiar theme song strikes up over the recognizable wails of Ecto-1(B)’s siren. Maybe it’s the way that Winston isn’t in the intro at all, but it doesn’t get more Ghostbusters than this.

I know I shouldn’t be letting myself get excited. It’s a movie game, and movie games are always bad (unless Vin Diesel is involved). But honestly, part of me doesn’t care – if the rest of the game is going to be the Ghostbusters III that we’ve been waiting for for years, I’m willing to put up with mediocre – even sub-par – gameplay for it.

June can’t get here soon enough.

(Via Joystiq)

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