Ice out of the Flames

I carefully positioned myself above the shrine. I had my sword, my only love in this forsaken world. I drew the edge carefully from its sheath. The cetra child was now kneeling about 30 feet below me. I saw the Shinra boy approaching with two accomplices; I decided I must act quickly. I had realised that now was the time to make sure that the last ancient dies. I jump and dropped vertically above her, I glided through the air, it felt so right. This was so much more fulfilling than killing the Midgar Zolom. This was rare flesh that my sword was waiting to meet. I closed my eyes, and let myself fall. I felt like a weapon, one that could not be stopped. I was the one. I raised my blade as I fell near and inserted it straight through her stomach. The irony of being killed whilst praying, oh it was very amusing. She simply fell limp under my sword. Blood trickled down my garment, I felt like I was purer, and I felt my spirit strengthen as she died, for some reason I feared she would be my downfall. That amuses me, my downfall was her downfall. I withdrew my blade. My duty was done, and my hunger had been satisfied. It was now time to finish what I had begun.

Number of people that almost cried during the Aeris death Scene: 9/10. (The other 1/10 did cry :P)

I welcome you, to the Fading Edge.




Possibly the greatest RPG’s of all time, although it seems that people never seem to take to 8 like they did to the other final fantasy’s. Possibly because you randomly draw magic out of the ground, but hey, 7 has a talking dog and 9 has a monkey for a main character!! Final Fantasy has been played by hundreds of thousands (millions?) and they have constantly wowed gamers worldwide. So what makes a stereotypical Final fantasy game?

1.) A main male character with a somewhat mysterious past
2.) A horrible, horrible bad guy/girl/thing that plans to take over the world and kill all humanity
3.) A randomly incredibly attractive young female who falls in love with the main character
4.) A hyper active character that brings about comedy (Barret, Zell, Steiner)
5.) Quite easily the best music I have EVER heard in my life!

Which brings me onto the next thing, if you had to download 5 FF Midi’s, they would be:

– Rose of May [FF9]– Julia [FF8]– Cid’s Theme [FF7]– Song of Memory [FF9]– Flowers blooming in the Church [FF7]

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