The Soul Survivor: Part X


The Druid looked at Baron shaking his head.

“This leg has completely snapped, this will take weeks off constant healing spells to mend it. And that’s if your lucky”
“ah crap, looks like your gunna have to go on with out me no?”

Remora felt disheartened, knowing that he wanted Baron to be there with him when they faced Zodack. Evander and Remora would have to go on alone, it felt a lot like Joshus and himself when he thought of him going with Evander. The swordsman and the archer, once again.
The druid then turned to Remora.

“your friend is going to have to stay here with me for a while, come back here when you haven’t finished your business and I’m sure he’ll be on the road to recovery”
“r..right okay. Me and Evander have to set off now Baron, you sure you’ll be fine yeh?”
“course I will, I’m half orc “

The druid looked startled

“you are part orc?”
“yes why? Are you racist or something?”
“no no, its just Orcs can endure much more injury, but im afraid once they do, they take double the amount of time as humans would to recover. If your half orc, your looking at an extra few weeks to heal”
“ah this is bull-s”

Remora interrupted.

“Don’t worry Baron, we’ll leave you now. If we don’t die, we’ll meet you back at the Polkan market”
“Good luck Remora, you really have changed from when I first met you there. I hope you take down Zodack. He has mercilessly killed for too long, do it for all of us”
“You make it sound like we got a chance Baron”
“You do Remora, I think you do”
The strangest feeling hit Remora as they were walking out of the small village. He had no idea where Zodack lived or where he was at this moment. Although Remora was sure that Zodack knew he was coming, he was a mighty wizard and sorcerer. He had his ways.

“Hey Remora, I’m pretty sure Zodack stayed out in the caves even further into the Ashram grasses. Beyond the Shadow Dragon Cave.”
“Well that’s where we’ll head then, nowhere else to go I guess”

They continued trekking south and soon enough they climbed a small hill which gave them a wide view of the landscape. There were caves further down, and they looked like Orcs would live there. A chill shuddered through Remora as he saw Joshus’ dead body in his mind. He knew that he was going to kill Zodack, or die trying.

They ventured forth until they reached a circular clearing.

“wait Remora”

Evander was listening intently then out of the bushes came Ghidrah with his mighty sword ready to fight.

“Not so many little friends now Evander, and who’s this immature young fighter”
“Shutup Ghidrah, what’s wrong with you? What happened to the person I used to know?”
“The person you used to know disappeared as he watched his master die so that a stupid half-orc could live instead.
“Kenshin deliberately chose Baron because of his immense transformation ability. Baron could take you on easily”
“Not now though Evander, I am a master now, Zodack has taught me strengths I never even knew I had, why don’t you face me”
“Very well”

Evander began to shimmer with energy as great wings formed at his shoulder, he lifted into the air and drew mighty arrows.

“feel the pain Ghidrah”

He launched several of of his arrows but Ghidrah dodged them all, easily moving fast enough. Remora ran towards Ghidrah.

“No Remora, this fight is between me and Ghidrah. Be prepared to pick up his dead body”
“ahh the art of confidence young Evander? I’m sure soon enough he will be picking up your body”

They both started darting around the grasses. Evander’s arrows seemed to flow out of his bow at Ghidrah. One or two deflected cleanly off Ghidrah’s Shadow armour. Ghidrah then lifted his great sword and slashed across Evander. Evander groaned in agony as blood slowly trickled out of his waist.

“Beginners luck Ghidrah, now its my turn”

Explosive arrows appeared into Evander’s hand and he launched them. They exploded pushing Ghidrah to the floor. Ghidrah let out a groan then jumped at Evander smacking his bow out of his hand. Ghidrah quickly kicked it along the floor far away. Then lifted his sword…

“ah this seems familiar. This will almost be as satisfying as killing Baron”

Evander lay on the floor and looked shocked.

“what do you mean, killed?”
“Well a small village, a weak druid, and Baron with an injured leg. I couldn’t have just left it there. I slit the druids throat while he was facing the other way. Baron lay resting. I don’t think he even knew it was coming til he felt my sword go through his heart. Oh what a shame. Time to die Evander”

Shallow tears crept down Remora’s face as the ground began to shake.

“oh yes young fighter, use a Novice quake spell, that’s going to make a difference”

Evander almost smiled.

Remora drew his Scarlet Blade, it emitted an impressive glow as the power exploded from within it.

“what? How does he have that, only Zodack has the Scarlet Blade. There’s no way you defeated the Shadow Dragon! No-one has the power to but Zodack…”

Remora began to glow then the shadow beast consumed him. He turned completely black, with the contrasting Scarlet Blade glowing from with the Shadow that wielded it. Remora began to levitate slightly off the ground, and then darted towards Ghidrah.

Ghidrah still had his sword held to Evander’s chest. There was nothing he could do; he could not react quick enough to dodge this attack. The scarlet blade glided into Ghidrah’s heart. Ghidrah’s eyes bulged as the life drained out of him and into the Scarlet Blade. The blade grew in strength with everything it pierced through.

Ghidrah fell to his knees, the look of shock still apparent on his face.

Remora’s purple eyes burnt brighter from within his shadow form. He looked forward and approximately fifty metres into the distance, a blurry figure could be seen.


The voice seemed both warped, and distant. Yet it could be heard clearly to Remora’s ears, as if it were only him being spoken too.

“Such a mistake you have made. Remora. The pain you shall feel will echo in your hell filled afterlife. I have learned much of you, and you of me. Come forth Remora, face me and I will give you an honourable death.”


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