The Soul Survivor: Part VIII
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A few hours had passed, and Turon had continued to talk with Baron & Evander for much of the evening. Remora couldn’t help but feel slightly out of place, since he felt inferior to the mighty warriors. He would occasionally catch eyes with Turon but quickly try to avoid the contact.

Flare was yet to return but Remora had confidence that it would not be long before he appeared like he always did. When Flare had exploded with fury and began to emit energy, Remora realized that he would never be the fighter they were. Flare had just completely let himself go. He was sure he had overheard Turon discussing Baron’s power but had only heard drabs of it. Remora had also overheard one part of their discussion but he couldn’t make out who they were talking about.

“So he doesn’t even realize?…..”
“……Incredible power……equal to Zodack”
“….impossible…..Could it be?”

The voices of Baron and Turon continued to go on like this, although Remora still couldn’t understand it all. He looked at the Golem Helmet resting in his lap; this would offer great protection.

Remora had not forgotten reason he had set out to these parts in the first place, the Scarlet Blade rested with the Shadow Dragon, and only a sword of that stature would even graze Zodack. Remora felt a rush of heat from behind him and standing there was Flare with a mild grin on his face. He had quite a large wound on his left arm but it could be cured quite easily.

“Sorry, I got…delayed”
“I’m glad your okay Flare, Turon said that you would be back soon enough, he had a lot of confidence that you would.”
“Turon?! What is he doing in these parts?”
“I’m not sure, he’s still over there talking to Baron. They’ve been there for ages, I thought it best that I stay out of it.”
“Right okay, I’ll go over now but I just need to heal this nasty scratch”

‘Torsa melay!’

Flare approached the two warriors.

“Turon! It’s so good to see you, I thought I saw you out of the corner of my eye before I teleported with Ghidrah”
“It’s a pleasure to be in your company again Flare, What did you do with Ghidrah?”
“I transported him to the Zeta desert, but something tells me that he won’t be there for long. I fled while he was still recovering from the shock. I could sense so much corruption from within Ghidrah, and only one man could have done such a thing”
“It is true Flare, your previous Master is the one responsible, but why he is here is beyond me. First is first, I think you should sit and talk”
“Yes I will, but first I want to know why exactly Baron didn’t kill that Golem!? It could have killed any of us”
“Flare, I still cannot truly control myself when I transform. It worries me; I don’t feel right when I use that ability. Despite how powerful I might become. What is power without restraint no? And we all know you could have destroyed that beast too Flare!”
“That is different Baron, the whole cave would have collapsed if I transformed and you know it!”
“Maybe so, I’m sure we could have used Evander if Ghidrah hadn’t come”

Turon interrupted the conversation.

“Now Flare, both me and Baron have agreed. There is some important news you should hear about”


Zodack’s dark figure appeared into the middle of the Zeta desert.

“Fear not Ghidrah. We shall return to the hills of Dorak for the time being”
“I’m sorry master, I couldn’t finish off Turon’s apprentice, I was distracted. In the cave I could sense an amazing power. It felt like I was detecting you, but you were not there. I’m sure this potential was not coming from the Golem, or Baron. Whilst I was distracted, Flare used that spell.”
“Ah yes, I taught him that spell when I was training him. He was a good apprentice, but too kind at heart. His weaknesses can be found with ease. As for this power, we shall tackle it when we encounter it. I know that they are heading for the Shadow Dragon, and that Turon is with them. Come, let us go”


The morning had arrived; Evander was up talking to his master. Mainly thanking him for coming in time to revive him. Baron and Flare were preparing themselves for the Shadow Dragon. Remora, as usual, was alone with his thoughts trying to make sense of what he had overheard from the previous nights discussions. He just put it to the back of his mind whilst he prepared.

“Remora, come over here, this battle will be tough. It has been brought to my attention that you have your eyes set on the Scarlet Blade. It will require a high degree of mastering, and I have only ever seen one man wield the blade efficiently. His name was Kenshin”

Baron glanced at Turon and looked away quickly, that name triggered guilt every time Baron heard it.

“If somehow we do take this thing down, then the blade will be yours. But I know that if we do, then we will have a much greater journey ahead of us. Zodack is a power that continues to grow; he has already poisoned the mind of one of the greatest swordsman alive. I will be the first to try and punish Zodack, and it would be an honor if you join us on our journey.”
“I am Tetra Master, I have already lost the only reason to live in the world. Joshus’ body probably still lay where Zodack killed him, which is why I want to punish him. But there is no use in me trying to beat him”

Flare walked over

“Remora, you may not realize it yet. But soon you are going to realize what you are, you are not ordinary. You are not weak, in time you will truly see what makes you different”


Remora, Turon, Baron, Flare and Evander all began to trek northeast, and the home of the Shadow Dragon rested inside one of the grandest mountains near Ashram. The group, more, a hunting party, trekked up the mountain further and further. The air was thin, and the journey tiresome, but in a few hours they had arrived at the entrance. This was more like a crater or a giant home inside this mountain. It was here the picture that hung on Barons wall was taken.

Turon looked at the fighters that stood with him and began:

“What is next is the greatest beast we will ever set eyes on in our life time. Do ourselves justice and fight to our maximum potential, once we’re in there. Flare, Evander, Baron you know what to do. Remora, I have great faith in you”

Remora had never felt so nervous and confused before. He pondered on what was just said to him.
‘They seem to think I’m a lot stronger than I am, I’m a good fighter, I know that. But I just take down small beasts that threaten my home. I am not meant to be here. I will accompany them nevertheless, maybe I can help by distracting it or something.’

Turon looked towards Flare

“You first Flare”
“As you wish”

Flare glew red and burst into flames, then returned to his Human form but remaning alight. From there he exploded and grew in size, a blue energy shimmered around him and his eyes glowed a deep red. His voice was blurred by the sound of unlimited power.

“I am ready Turon”
“Very impressive, you have grown in power considerably Master Flare. Okay Evander, show me that you are no longer an apprentice”

Evander smiled, and dropped his bow to the ground. He raised his hand and drew energy from within himself, he then exploded similar to Flare. Lumps grew from his back and sprouted into giant wings that beated hard against the cold air. He rose and glowed a strange purple colour, he took his bow from the ground. He then touched all of his arrows, and every one of them turned into ultimate arrows. All of them a black color which looked like they could cut through anything that stood in its path.

Turon took out his bow and wrapped his arms around it. He then muttered a few words and the whole earth shook as he turned completely red. He continued to grow and grow until the face that was Turons disappeared. He looked like a fire Demon, and stood up showing the true extent of his size. He released his grip on the bow that was covered in fire. He raised it and looked amazingly calm for such a beast. His voice was hard to understand because it was so low.

“Baron, do what you must”
“I guess you leaves me no choice no? Who’s going to say no to a fifteen foot demon eh?”
“Young Evander here, has never seen your true form. Neither has Remora. Show them why you are a half orc Baron, we will get Flare to dominate you if you get out of control”
“Oh yeh great comfort that is, I’d prefer not to wake up ten hours later in the middle of a desert because I go nuts okay?”
“Do it Baron”

Baron sighed and then closed his eyes. He stood there completely still, until the distant mountains began to break and erupt. Baron remained still as all of the ground around him began to crumble. His eyes opened, but they were completely white. His mouth opened as his teeth sharpened and his whole body pumped out. His double axe turned red with blood that came from within it. He turned a pale green with a shade of tan. He was now larger than Turon’s Demon form, and looked like the greatest Orc imagineable. He looked around disorientated, then tested his double axe on some nearby rock. It sliced straight through before the rock could even fall apart.

“Turon, let us go”

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