Ice-T Says Medal of Honor Beta “Sucks”


EA’s Medal of Honor reboot is not rapper-approved as of now.

Ice-T might be a rapper and actor by trade, but he’s also apparently a hardcore gamer if his Twitter feed is any indication, which is packed with references to his gaming habits. After getting a beta code for EA’s Medal of Honor modern day reboot from a Twitter follower, he put up a pretty negative mini-review.

Just one day after receiving a code, Ice-T tweeted: “Quick Review: Medal Of Honor Beta……… SUCKS.” Ice-T’s recommendation is a “try.. Before you buy.” He admits that “The single player may be dope like Battlefield,” but says “the multiplayer is kinda janky.” It should be acknowledged that a beta is not a final product, but it’s not looking good according to Ice-T.

I wouldn’t give up on Medal of Honor just yet, because Ice-T later went on to tweet: “Now I’m enjoying the Kane & Lynch single player. This shit is gangsta!” Kane & Lynch is not typically known for being gangsta. However, he later writes: “I’m playing LIMBO right now… This game is fun,” which is a game that is known for being gangsta.

Ice-T has a good attitude about things here, saying: “These are just my instant opinions.. Nothin more.. They don’t mean shit.” His review wasn’t meant to be insulting, and he later tweeted: “It ain’t always hate.Sometimes you need to improve.” If Ice-T tells me something I made sucks, in all caps no less, I know I’m probably going to listen.

Medal of Honor will be released for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 12, 2010.

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