iD Software Reveals Better Doom Cover Art


iD has asked fans to choose between two “reverse sleeve” alternate cover art designs.

We at The Escapist don’t like to judge things by the cover (at least most of us), but we have to admit that Bethesda’s proposed Doom reboot cover art is absolutely awful. The generic, yellow-tinged, gritty space marine doesn’t really represent the franchise well, and fans have been quick to point out that it could be the cover for pretty much any game.

iD and Bethesda have been listening, and have been hard at work whipping up some better alternates. Here is “option A” for the reverse sleeve cover art:

Bloody hell guys, that is so much better! Forget reverse sleeve, this is what the actual cover should be, with Grunty McSpace Marine being on the inside. It has the black and red color scheme, the pentagram, and the demon goat skull. It screams “Doom“. Awesome!

But wait, there’s more! Here is “option B”

Are you fucking kidding me? This is essentially a no-holds-bared tribute to the original game’s cover art, which is fondly remembered as probably the most badass cover art of all time. Come on guys!

You can vote on which reverse sleeve cover you like best. Personally, I think they should use option B as the actual cover, with option A being the reverse sleeve. Problem solved.

Source: Twitter

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