If XCom and Jules Verne Had a Kid, Would it be Renowned Explorers?


Did you play Reus? Did you like it? Well, developer Abbey Games has something for your inner Indiana Jones.

Abbey Games, maker of Reus, is working on something new to please your inner Indiana Jones: Renowned Explorers: International Society. Want some turn-based tactical fun, in the heart of an untamed jungle? Maybe you fancy your chances talking your way past that giant scorpion, or – if you were sensible – maybe you hired Ivan, so he can go buck-wild crazy on its eight-legged butt. It’s Jules Verne meets XCom, only with fewer Mutons and more zombie pirates. Not that there are zombie pirates. It’s just a myth. I hope.

The game world is based on popular 19th century beliefs, when large chunks of the map were still marked off as ‘we don’t know, but we think Prester John lost the source of the Nile right about here.’ Each explorer is unique, with their own abilities and skill trees, and you have different ways of dealing with each problem the game throws up. Maybe you’d prefer your intrepid adventurer try a bit of smooth talk with the emotional interaction system, or perhaps you’d rather try the Captain Caveman school of diplomacy instead.

It’s a randomly generated world, so expect to find new things around the corner, including exotic areas and cultural capitals as well as trackless wilderness. When you’ve scooped up as much loot as your greedy arms can carry, it’s back to the museum, where all your successes are recorded.

When this finally launches, sometime in 2015, it’ll be on PC, Mac and Linux, price TBA. If this is enough to whet your appetite for adventure, better head over to the website. There’s a newsletter you might want to sign up for. Just don’t drop anything on the floor; there’s no maid service here!

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