If You Go Watch Warcraft, You’ll Get a Free Digital Copy of World of Warcraft


Blizzard is giving away a free digital copy of World of Warcraft to everyone who sees the Warcraft movie, and they’re offering some cool in-game items as well.

Blizzard is looking reward folks who see the upcoming Warcraft movie in theaters, and they’re doing it with gifts of WoW goodies, of course. Anyone who buys a ticket to the movie at a participating Regal Cinema will get a free digital copy of World of Warcraft. If you’re a member of the Regal Crown Club, you can also enter to win two tickets to Blizzcon 2016.

There are also in-game goodies for WoW players. If you log into the game anytime between May 25 and August 1, you’ll receive a pair of transmogrification items based on the movie. Horde players will get the large axe and and the staff of orc warlock Gul’dan, while Alliance players will get the ornate sword and shield seen in the movie.

The promotions vary a bit outside the US, so if you’re one of our international readers, you can get all the info over at the official World of Warcraft site. You can find more info on the movie on the official Warcraft movie site.

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