IGN’s GameSpy multiplayer gaming service is launching an expanded version of its existing Direct2Drive program.

Dubbed Direct2Game, the service will “allow publishers and developers to create and manage in-game storefronts, selling and delivering add-on content directly to gamers,” according to a press release.

Gamers will be able to buy not just games but additional content, like maps and mods, from the service. On the other end, developers will be able to customize their sales presentation and will be provided with customer support and digital rights management.

In some ways, the program appears to be akin to Valve’s Steam and newly launched Steamworks services.

“With the launch of our Direct2Game commerce service, GameSpy is now bridging its dual heritage in digital distribution and in-game technology, opening up new revenue streams and business models for publishers and developers,” said Jamie Berger, senior vice president consumer products and technology for IGN Entertainment.

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