Lighting and rendering technology developer Illuminate Labs announced today that it has signed a deal with Epic Games to join Epic’s Integrated Partners Program.

The agreement will see Illuminate Labs’ global illumination system, known as Beast, integrated into Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, enabling artists to seamlessly incorporate global illumination into game environments using the Unreal Editor. Beast technology will be immediately available to anyone who licenses the Unreal Engine 3, and future features developed by Illuminate Labs will also be incorporated into the engine.

“We are very proud to be part of Epic’s Integrated Partners Program,” said Illuminate Labs CEO Magnus Wennerholm. “Visual quality and cost effectiveness in the production process are key issues to all game studios, and with this partnership UE3 customers will benefit from easy access to our advanced lighting technology.”

Epic Games President Dr. Michael Capps said, “We are very pleased to give our licensees access to one of the most advanced lighting technologies available through this partnership. Integrating Beast into UE3 will help our licensees more easily create games utilizing best-of-breed global illumination techniques. We welcome Illuminate Labs into the partners program and look forward to empowering more developers through this relationship.”

Created to establish formal business relationships with companies developing cross-platform technologies that integrate with Unreal Engine 3, the Integrated Partners Program provides a high level of support, collaboration and promotional efforts between Epic and its partners. A full list of developers in the Integrated Partners Program is available at the Unreal Technology website.

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