The new “Immersion” developer diary takes an up-close look at the city of Dunwall and the world of Dishonored.

I keep thinking that Dishonored cannot possibly get any sexier, and these videos keep coming out and proving me wrong. I suppose that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise with the latest release, “Immersion,” since it’s all about the elements of the game that draws players in and makes them believe.

Creating a believable world was a priority, but at the same time Dishonored boasts a “non-photo-realistic art style” that allows artists a great degree of flexibility with visual storytelling techniques. Physical proportions are stylized to reflect unique identities of various characters; a brawler among the guards, for instance, has enlarged hands and a slightly shrunken skull, while the city’s aristocrats are slender, with higher foreheads and “much tougher faces.”

Also very interesting is the focus on Dunwall’s whale oil industry, which has no actual role in the game but informs many of its overarching design elements. “All that suggests that the world is bigger than the city,” Visual Design Director Viktor Antonov explains. “You have an ocean, you have foreign, different lands, and maybe colonies, you have these mysterious ships bringing these strange animals… the whale ships expand the scope of the city.”

Dishonored comes out on October 9 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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