The “Be Mine” indie bundle was offering five games for a minimum of one dollar, until overwhelming interest killed the server.

The Be Mine indie game bundle – as distinct from that other Valentine’s Day-themed bundle – was supposed to go live yesterday, but the promotion was quickly replaced with a 404 error, and then later, an apology and promise the bundle would return in 24-48 hours.

When the bundle eventually returns, you’ll be able to pick up five, really quite good, games for a price that seems fair to you. Assuming “fair to you” means at least one dollar, you cheap gits. The games:

  • Wasteland Angel: A vehicular, top-down, arcade shooter with a post-apocalyptic bent.
  • Sideways New York: A fun little platformer, in which 2D characters are projected onto a 3D surface. Think Lost In Shadow crossed with a family-friendly approximation of graffiti culture.
  • Xotic: A visually inventive first person shooter with a fast pace and deceptively deep combo system.
  • Beep: A physics-puzzler-cum-platformer with a massive universe to explore.
  • The Ball: It’s about a ball.

All of the games can be activated on Steam, and Xotic, Beep and The Ball come with a DRM-free copies as well. You also get a selection of bonus soundtracks. As is traditional with these things, 20% of all the bundle’s sales are being donated to Child’s play.

The bundle was originally slated to be available until the 28th of this month.

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