Improve Bad Movies With MST3K Glasses


Is the latest Uwe Boll movie getting you down? Pop on your Mystery Science Theater 3000 Silhouette glasses and it’ll all seem better.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 has a special place in many geeks’ hearts. It’s been ten years since MST3K wrapped up, but it continues to delight and inspire people, including our very own Unskippable. It had a simple premise: Mike Nelson – or Joel Robinson if you’re that way inclined – is an ordinary guy who is forced to watch terrible, terrible movies, along with his two robot friends Tom and Crow. In order to keep sane they make all kind of funny comments about the film, while silhouetted at the bottom of the screen. (pictured)

The glasses do one simple thing, they add the silhouettes of Mike, Crow and Tom to the bottom of, well, everything. The glasses aren’t going to make terrible movies funny, but having the MST3K silhouettes might be enough to get you through something like the new King of Fighters movie without going crazy. The instructions to make your own glasses can be found here, and while they call for 1/8″ acrylic and a laser cutter, you can probably get the same effect with thick card and a craft knife.

Source: via Topless Robot

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