In Game Video Chat Coming to PS3?


An upcoming PS3 title lists in-game microphone and video chat as one of its features.

The game in question, Zen Pinball, has seen a major increase in profile since the feature was spotted on the game’s official site. In a list of its features, the game mentions, “Voice and video chat via compatible USB devices” as one of them. The game features a heavy emphasis on its online play.

While the feature is certainly only specific to Zen Pinball at the moment, it’s a strong indicator that the code and basic structure for the feature is in place and might be finding its way to other PS3 games some time soon. How the video chat integrates into the game remains to be seen, as there are currently no images or video of the feature in action. I can’t imagine a floating head in the middle of your pinball table yelling at you would make things any more enjoyable, so it seems safe to assume the video chat might be restricted to the lobby or less bothersome areas.

In-game microphone and video chat have been on PS3 owners’ most wanted lists for some time now alongside cross game invites to play with friends online.

Zen Pinball is scheduled for release on PSN May 14th.

Source: (Via N4G)

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