An artist with Pixar is compiling a collection of scenes from R-rated movies in children’s book style.

Josh Cooley, story artist at Pixar Animation Studios, has been working on a side project where he paints scenes from classic movies. Doesn’t immediately sound like anything special, right? He just happens to be doing it in the style of the popular children’s Golden Books.

He calls the pieces “Inappropriate Golden Books” and has quite a wide variety. In a Golden Book, which will often cover a classic fairy tale or fable, a line below an illustration might read: “This porridge is too hot,” said Goldilocks. In Cooley’s art, it’ll read: “Your clothes… give them to me, now,” said the Terminator. Another says: “I’m smart!”, explained Fredo.

Cooley’s Inappropriate Golden Books illustrations cover many movies such as The Big Lebowski, Godfather, Silence of the Lambs, and Alien. Though he’s been doing them for two years just out of amusement, a deluge of requests has inspired him to compile the art into a book called Movies R Fun. The book will first be made available at Comic-Con this year and from his blog, where the rest of the the illustrations can be found as well, though Slashfilm has them compiled nicely. Rest assured, Cooley will be selling high quality prints of his works, perfect for placement on any grown-up child’s wall.

Via: Slashfilm

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