Indie Developer Site Re-launched


Tim Fisher, founder of and owner of Indiepath, Ltd., has re-launched in the hopes that its new, innovative features will position it as the online destination for video gamers and developers to meet up, share, and play games.

“By making video games more accessible and providing developers with financial rewards, I hope to encourage people to make and share their own games in the same way that YouTube encourages people to make and share their own videos,” Fisher said.

Developers can submit games as a downloadable or web game in either Flash or Executable formats. Wrapper technology enables submitted executable formats to be safely and securely delivered to the client as an integrated web game.’s revenue sharing business model can help developers looking for maximum exposure, community functionality, and a piece of advertising revenues. Developers can increase ad-share percentages by integrating community functions in the form of embedded HTML code that allows web games and gamer badges to be added to blogs, forums, and social networking sites.

Developers gain access to a community and valuable feedback, and are rewarded for their contributions. members benefit from loyalty rewards that can be exchanged for prizes, discounts, and premium features, and community features like game reviews, leaderboards, chat lobbies, groups, buddies, and on-site messaging.

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