Wholesome Direct highlights Little Witch in the Woods

Wholesome Games premiered a Nintendo Direct-styled video showcase today called Wholesome Direct, complete with exclusive footage, developer interviews, and announcements. This showcase presented over 50 indie games, and here are some that stood out.

Spiritfarer from Thunder Lotus received some brand new gameplay footage, and while a game about death might seem out of place in this kind of themed presentation, the game tackles the subject matter in a heartfelt way. The game follows Stella and her cat Daffodil as they guide the deceased into the afterlife. Spiritfarer arrives later this year.

A studio called Sunny Side Up, based in South Korea, is releasing Little Witch in the Woods. The player takes control of Ellie, who is a witch’s apprentice. Over the next three years, Ellie will have to do various tasks around the town, such as help locals, study creatures, and mix magical potions. The gameplay footage shows Ellie fishing as well as running away from big creatures, plus a sneak peek at her book that catalogs them. Little Witch in the Woods releases in 2021.

A Space for The Unbound is from Mojiken Studio, an Indonesian developer. The game takes place in 1990s Indonesia in a small town and follows two high school sweethearts. When supernatural forces are bringing about the end of the world, they will need to dive into other people’s minds to discover what secrets lie hidden. A Space for The Unbound arrives in 2021.

Inasa Fujio is a 3rd-year illustration student working on Rainy Season. The game is about a family whose plans to go to an amusement park are canceled due to rainy weather. The main protagonist is a small boy who comes across a mysterious monster that is nonchalantly watching TV in a room. The monster is surprisingly non-threatening and just seems to be in the wrong house. The game will release in Q2 2020.

The showcase closed out with Hoa by Skrollcat Studio. The game is a side-scrolling adventure game inspired by the Studio Ghibli art style. The art style is assuredly a standout here, and studio co-founder Le Son Tra confirmed that the game is in active development for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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