Ever wondered who makes those weird indie games you download for free off the net? Indie Game: The Movie gives a look into their lives.

Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary about videogames that explores the medium through independent developers. Its creators say the idea is to take a look at “the human side of the creative process, and the connections between game and game-maker.”

This short clip is a teaser for the upcoming movie and focuses on Edmund McMillen, whose past games worked on include Aether, Gish, and Braid. His current project is Super Meat Boy, a platformer where players must help a cube of meat save his girlfriend.

McMillen talks about his childhood and how part of it led to his creations as an independent game developer. The short clip itself emphasizes to me how independent games can be more about self expression and emotion than making a buck. More developers are planned to be in the final product, but none have been announced yet.

James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot of Blinkworks were inspired to make a full length film on indie developers after creating a short on Alec Holowka of independent game company Infinite Ammo. In fall 2010, the two plan to travel across the country to finish Indie Game: The Movie, and if you want to help fund the project they’ve set up a Kickstarter page. The final product is planned for release in Spring 2011.

Via: TIGSource

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