Direct2Drive’s Five Year Anniversary Sale continues this week with some screamingly good deals on indie games, all available for only five bucks each.

The D2D anniversary sale began earlier this month and it’s been a hot one. Each week, the digital distribution service is offering a new genre of games at stupidly low prices; the sale began with Ubisoft/strategy games, followed by action games and then RPGs and MMOGs. This week it’s time for indie games and while you won’t find BioShock or Saints Row 2 in the mix, there’s still a lot here to like.

Included in this week’s indie games sale are World of Goo, Gish, The Path, Mount and Blade, Light of Altair and more, all for only five bucks each. It’s all good stuff and while not every game will appeal to every gamer, five bucks for World of Goo isn’t just cheap, it’s crazy!

If your tastes run more to the mainstream, some titles from previous weeks are still available, including the aforementioned BioShock and Saints Row 2, along with other hits like Sid Meier’s Pirates!, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, Civilization 4 and more, all going for just a fiver a pop. Direct2Drive’s indie games sale runs until October 5.

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