A new inFAMOUS: Second Son trailer has revealed Neon powers for players as well as a March 21st release date.

The inFAMOUS games were arguably some of the best exclusives on the PS3. Understandably hoping to continue the series on the PlayStation 4, Sucker Punch has in turn been working on a new game: inFAMOUS: Second Son. Starring a new protagonist and taking place in a variety of fresh settings, it’s looked from the get-go like it will take the best elements of the past and expand on them to create an experience even bigger and better than its predecessors.

That said, Sucker Punch has been relatively vague on the subject of when Second Son would actually land in stores. Now, however, a new trailer has been released revealing a March 21st, 2014 release date. The trailer also showcased new “Neon” powers for its protagonist Delsin. According to the developers, the Neon powers should allow for more ranged combat options than the smoke-based abilities he has been shown using in the past. “With Neon, combat is all about precision from a distance. Each shot hits hard, especially if you’re targeting the enemy’s weak points,” said lead designer Jaime Greisemer. “Neon lets you dissect a squad of Dupes like a glowing purple surgeon.”

While the Neon powers look pretty nifty, we can’t help but feel like the release date might be the more significant bit of news to come out of this trailer. Second Son is probably one of the more prominent games PS4 owners have to look forward to in the months immediately following the console’s launch. While a March release still puts it more than four months away, having an actual date at least gives us something to start counting down to.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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