Would you want to live in a world where 8 times 4 equals Pikachu?

The above video is of a tool-assisted speed-run of – of all things – DS noggin-builder Brain Age. Unlike most TAS speedruns (or indeed, most speedruns in general), the performer is not aiming to complete the “game” as quickly as possible.

No, in this case, speedrunner Ryuto was just aiming to trick Brain Age – and apparently the laws of mathematics as we know them. According to the description, this particular run “[abuses] the number recognition program by secretly drawing the number answer in each picture,” But you know what? I don’t see any secret numbers. This is clearly magic, or possibly a deal with any number of mathematics-loving demons.

On the surface, this appears to be little more than a clever way of fooling the system, but we know what this really is: This is the end of math. Numbers are now meaningless! Brain Age has tampered with the fundamental forces of the universe, and now we are all reaping the consequences!

Ow, my brain hurts just watching this.

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