Would Marvel vs. Capcom really be better if it had Kratos and Nathan Drake in it – and they were both Sackboy?

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but as a fighting game fan I’ve always wanted to see Capcom do one of its crossover fighters with other companies. A Guilty Gear or BlazBlue crossover would be awesome, for one – and for another, it’d be nifty to see Capcom’s fighters cross fists with Sony’s proprietary characters like Kratos, and the other ones that aren’t Kratos so nobody cares about them (okay, okay, we like Nate Drake).

A trifecta of Sony fans decided to use the LittleBigPlanet 2 beta to do just that. Sony vs. Marvel vs. Capcom is a fully-fledged fighting game built in LBP2, and it’s – okay, I can’t say it looks like a good fighting game, but it’s an impressive work nonetheless.

In the video seen here, we see Sack-Kratos fighting a Sackboy whose Sack-identity I can’t quite make out. I’d have liked to see how Nathan Drake, Cole McGrath and Solid Snake play too, as well as the Marvel and Capcom folks, but maybe that’s just me being selfish.

Anyway, just the fact that you can make a 2.5D fighter in the LBP2 game creator is worthy of note – I foresee some amazing creations when the game actually comes out this January.

And they will all have penises in them.

(Via Capcom-Unity)

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