Insane Super Mario World Music Video Proves Androids Are Among Us


The ultimate automatic Super Mario World music video has been discovered, but there’s no way it was created by a human being.

Someone, or something, likely an android with similar capabilities to that of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Data, has re-created Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now using a Super Mario World mod that plays automatically from beginning to end. These mods are nothing new, but the thing that makes this one so amazing is that it uses four levels playing in tandem. Don’t Stop Me Now was represented well by this Super Mario Galaxy music video, but the SNES version has trumped it with technical ability.

I can understand how a regular human could spend lots of time assembling a single Super Mario World level that plays a song, but four levels that work perfectly together and even coincide with each other for the purposes of video, such as writing words with coins between the four screens, are beyond human capability. Putting aside the impending doom that the video heralds, the video is quite artistic, with the mural at the end topping everything off perfectly.

Seriously though, whoever created this video needs to be interrogated as to how far along the infiltration of human society has progressed. Likely, it’s already too late, and now the androids are just having fun with us. I guess it’s also possible that someone from Japan (the video’s apparent origin) spent all of his free moments over a long stretch of time creating a Queen song using Super Mario World, but it’s much more probable that we have been infiltrated and will soon be destroyed by beings beyond our comprehension.

(Via: Topless Robot)

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